Forest Restoration


Connecting Forests and Communities - Our vision is a Colorado High Country forest ecosystem providing ecological diversity, clean water, valuable habitat, abundant recreational opportunities, and quality of life, while supporting a healthy economy.

In support of our mission we have completed several timber cutting projects for the U.S. Forest Service for the purpose of removing trees killed by the recent mountain pine beetle epidemic.

In 2005 we initiated the Forest Health Task Force, again in response to the pine beetle outbreak, and generally perceived deteriorating forest health conditions. Since that time we have held more than 220 public meetings to educate and stimulate collaboration between community members, forest managers, forest industry representatives, environmentalist and governmental agencies. Meeting participants include the U.S. Forest Service and the Colorado State Forest Service.

Working with the U.S. Forest Service and other partners we created a volunteer forest monitoring program with over 40 citizen scientist volunteers. The program is now in its seventh season. We have over 200 permanent plots to monitor forest conditions, with nearly 100 temporary plots monitored seasonally.

Find out more about the Forest Health Task Force here.