conservation criteria

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Our public benefit mission is manifest in our clearly defined programs. We are working to save the Arkansas River, protect the farming and ranching landscape of Colorado’s high plains, and create a sustainable mountain and forest landscape in western Colorado. We accept conservation easements, which benefit these purposes.

Is the property size sufficient to have significant public benefit as wildlife habitat and as an open space corridor? Is the property located in an area where public views, access, and other conservation values will be significantly benefited by protection under a conservation easement? Is the property contiguous or near other properties, which would as a whole create a significant wildlife habitat and farming and ranching protection region?

Is the property in the mile-wide Arkansas River corridor? Does the property include ownership of a portion of the Arkansas River? Are there water rights attached to the property, which will be permanently kept “on the land” as part of the conservation easement deed? Are there opportunities for public access or trails? Is the property size sufficiently large to allow appropriate management within the context of the river program?

“Keeping "water on the land" is essential to wildlife habitats on the arid ground along the Arkansas River.”

Will a conservation easement on the property protect against development having a significant detrimental impact on wildlife and the forest and mountain landscape? Is the property adjacent to or near other protected properties? Can a forest health and landscape plan be implemented to meet the requirements of  the conservation easement?