Protecting our Ranchland Heritage

Our second program is called “Protecting A Way-of-Life”. This program identifies farmers and ranchers as an endangered species. Low prices paid for agricultural products, the high cost of equipment and materials, the aging of the farm, and ranch work-force, while younger generations seek more sustainable and lucrative employment opportunities, as well as competition from corporate agriculture, all threaten the survival of the family farm and ranch.

We help farmers and ranchers protect traditional agricultural properties for public views, as wildlife habitat, and to save the farming and ranching heritage. Water rights are left on the land to protect conservation values and keep the land green. We have substantial acreages currently under conservation easement protection in the Colorado High Plains. Many of these are ranches  under conservation easement in Crowley County, Kiowa County, Adams County, and Prowers County. Where possible, we accept conservation easements on contiguous ranches, thus creating a larger conservation preserve.

Our mission is to preserve agricultural landscapes for the greater benefit of all Americans. The family farm and ranch is the heart of the American West. The ranchland heritage of the Arkansas Valley is not only an important area for food production, but also a significant part of Colorado history and the culture of the West.