Preserving Mountains And Forests

Forest health plans will be a part of many future conservation easement deeds we hold on forested land. In 2007, Greenlands' Forest Preservation Program received funding from the Colorado State Forest Service for help with its Straight Creek Forest Restoration Project.  Mitigating the Mountain Pine Beetleis also an important focus of our program. Our  meets regularly to discuss ways to cope with the pine beetle problem.

The Rocky Mountains comprise  the great backbone of North America, extending 3,000 miles from Canada to  Mexico. Elevations range upward to more than 14,000 feet. The Rockies are made up of many mountain ranges with unique ecological features. Natural beauty, abundant wildlife, and fresh water have attracted human inhabitants for the last 10,000-12,000 years. Today more people than ever are calling the Rocky Mountains home.

Pressures to develop even the most remote regions are threatening fragile mountain and forest environments. We hold conservation easements in the mountain regions of Colorado. Our goal is long-term forest health and a sustainable landscape.